Study Graphic Design in Australia

Would you like to study on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia?

Studying abroad will provide you with a vibrant and exciting experience. You can enhance your education, develop new skills and gain industry-focused qualifications, whilst experiencing the culture and lifestyle of a new country.

International students from a large variety of countries including Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, Philippines and France have enjoyed success in the Diploma of Graphic Design course at Tafe Queensland East Coast

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International Student Jessica Zellen talks about her time in the one year Diploma of Graphic Design Course

Question 1:  Can you tell me a little about your background and what motivated you to do the course?
I grew up in a very creative atmosphere. Both my grandmother and my two aunts are artists and my cousin are a web developer and a graphic designer in LA, so It was a very easy decision for me to chose to study graphic design. I knew that I wanted to do something creative after high school and I had already my eyes on a school in Sweden. My grandfather is the one who motivated me to do the course, but on the other side of the planet. So I moved - the best decision I have made in my life so far.


Question 2:  Can you tell some of the highlights and key things you learnt during the course?

Over the year we had a lot of assessment. But my favourite was the magazine one. Through that I think I realised what I want to work with.
At the end of the year we had an exhibition, where you show all your work from the year, which was really fun! You will see how much your skills has developed when the year is over, and you will definitely feel that you have grown as an artist.


Question 3:  What would you say to someone who was considering the course?

I can only talk for the internationals, and I will say - Do it!
You will learn so much and grow as a person on so many levels, get so many great memories and friends all around the world. It’s so worth it. I loved to be able to go to school in the morning and then spend the rest of the day at the beach with my friends.
But I have to say that It’s difficult to be International student. You want to see as much as possible, do a lot of things and be good in school too, so you really have to create a balance between everything.

Everyone on the coast is so friendly and every person you will meet, will definitely change your view on life. After one year, you will feel that you are ready to work in the industry, and you will have experiences over the usual.

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