Sammy K

Question 1:  Can you tell me a little about your background and what motivated you to do the course?

I have done various courses over my life.. Dental nursing, tour guiding, teacher aiding and now Graphic design.. None of the previous occupations gave me freedom for my creative outlet.. Graphic design lets me express myself in several creative ways.. after having time off having a child, graphic design gives me the flexibility of working from home at any time.

Question 2:  Can you tell some of the highlights and key things you learnt during the course?

Having not done Art as a subject through high school, I really enjoyed learning about the skills that make up technical drawing. Also living in a digital world the core subjects that appealled to me were Photography and Adobe Illustrator.

Question 3:  What would you say to someone who was considering the course?

Graphic design is a unique blend of interests. There are numerous fields of job outcomes that can be achieved studying this course.. You can chose what suits your life with regards to hours. It satisfies your creative urges.