Question 1:  Can you tell me a little about your background and what motivated you to do the course?

I am an interior decorator and stylist who was looking to expand my creative skill base. As Graphic Design is used in many mediums and for many purposes I wanted to learn how to do it for myself so I could apply it to my own business. I had no prior knowledge or experience in using the Adobe Suite and chose this course as the best way to learn it.

Question 2:  Can you tell some of the highlights and key things you learnt during the course?

Key highlights were - Being inspired by other creative people (my classmates and teachers)

Things I learnt - How to use the Adobe Creative Suite - Yay!

- How the Printing industry works and what they require from Graphic Designers

- Industry terminology so I can effectively communicate with Graphic Designer and Printers.

- Increased computer skills

Question 3:  What would you say to someone who was considering the course?

Great teachers who generously share their wealth of industry knowledge and experience make this course the best option if you want to learn how to be a Graphic Designer and work effectively in this industry.