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Southern Cross Packaging Design Award

Gold Medal for Best Rationale Overall - Lenka Kvasnickova (International Student from the Czech Republic)

  • This Award is for the student that best produced excellence in research, documentation and presentation of their rationale. The winner met all mandatory requirements set in their brief and exceeded expectations.

Gold Medal for Shrink Wrap Label Brief - Swiapond Charoenphet (International student from Thailand)

  • The entry which displayed the best package design for the retail market using a shrink sleeve label. The pack must be visually appealing, have strong brand identification and stand out appeal on shelf. It should be relevant and suitable for the chosen product category and target market.

Silver Medal for Baked Goodies or Cookie Packaging - Lenka Kvasnickova (International Student from the Czech Republic)

  • The entry that best designed the packaging for baked goods or cookies for a gourmet cafe, bakery or deli.